Missed Barista Connection

Every chance I have
To make you smile
Is interrupted by the grinding
Of my bitter self denial

I'd like to save you
From that sad lonely place
Lift you up
To where your dreams hang

It's not fair
You're always making coffee
You're way better than
Those caffeine junkies

I'm always surprised
To see your pretty face
Like sun and moon
I will see you again

But next time I hope
It's not at the cafe
I'll remember those blue eyes
And order my latte

here in cupertino
electric cars run clean
bums carry iPads
umbrellas are free

standing on familiar street
Like a silly new jersey town
I saw an old friend of mine
How different he looked now


Artists are like flowers

Singing their own song

In the field of dreams

Handpicked by those who love

Put together they make the world

A beautiful bouquet of strangers

Once you let go
You may never come back
Leave some doors closed
Let the love you left behind
Peak through the cracks
American souls
Build the strongest walls
Steal and concrete
So that one day
They can buy themselves freedom
On a far away island
Off the coast of honduras
Where the dollar goes further
And God can be worshiped
Among the bless-ed poor
Who can only dream
Of the walls
You left behind

Coin Toss

Life is a coin toss
Gravity choosing which side
Was it an illusion
Illustrated by lies

Fifty fifty
Can go either way
Keep my money on me
Then I don't have to play

Yet players are winners
All the losers don't game
I want to take home the money
And leave town all the same

Life is a coin toss
But who knows either way
For now I'll stay in the middle
Then be on my way


You have control over your own identity
You can give it a new pair of jeans
You can have her now
And the other one later
As long as you both can share

I had an old one who forgot me
He is in the pit with the rest
Pitying his will, strengthening his doubt,
And making some ill attempts

But I will not let him hear me
He’s knocking faintly at the back door
I don’t need you now
Go away to the crowds
And pick fruit for the holy ghost

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